Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Colorado Bound - nearly

We are getting ready for what I hope will be a pleasant and uneventful trip.

Right now we are in the staging stage. There are piles of stuff all over the house. All of this stuff is essential for our trip. Two hot spots, 12 pounds of Audubon "rainforest ground coffee - fine grind", twenty four changes of underwear, an extra "T" shirt,. etc., etc.  I'm glad we beefed up the axels on the trailer - we are going heavy this trip

I haven't done blogging in a few years. Today I'm learning how to do this again. The program at Google has changed enough that I don't even recognize it. Bear with me for a while while I learn what I am doing here.

We have done a lot of prep work for the trip. The truck is serviced and sporting a new windshield. The trailer brakes and wheels have been checked. We have a second generator we can gang together with the old one so we can have air conditioning. Everything is A OK.

It should be an uneventful trip.

What could go wrong?

Ok, so the the truck does have 187,000 miles on it. Yes, the "new" trailer does have 31,000 miles on it. Maybe my hip is going south but it is just keeping up with my eyesight and hearing.  I do doze off after lunch more now then I have since I retired.  - the drooling isn't bad. I'm confident we won't have any spaghetti or whatever it was I was thinking of when I started this.


  1. Where did you get the windshield?

  2. Ryan's Automotive Glass which is on a side street off Inyo and to the east of Sam's Body shop not far from Teresa's Body shop (notice a trend in business names on Inyo??). Ryan is a very nice guy and has great body art. Not only that, he does good work at a reasonable price. My windshield was $220 installed. Lots of glass there.